A dream comes true…….. Quite literally!

For Margie Patelesio it was quite literally a dream come true to become a registered midwife, thanks to the Health Care Assistant (HCA) programme and support from the A+ Trust. Margie was born in Samoa and migrated to New Zealand as a young child.

After finishing secondary school she started work and was soon married with four children. Even though she enjoyed her job, she always dreamed of one day becoming a midwife. After finishing secondary school Margie started work and was soon married with four children. In 2016 Margie was accepted into the HCA programme. Through her hard work and determination she has now successfully completed her training as a Health Care Assistant.

In recognition of Margie’s contribution to patients and families, and the wider community, the A+ Trust agreed to continue to support her to commence midwifery training with an A+ Trust Health Workforce Scholarship in 2018. Gill Naden, the A+ Trust Executive Officer said that Margie’s experience as a Samoan woman and a mother brings a unique richness and knowledge that she believes will make her an outstanding midwife.

For Zaria Jakman, the cadetship has made a huge positive difference to her life. She was one of the 2017 cadets “It was a challenge having to balance shift work, studying and whānau but with the aroha and support of my friends and whānau it was possible” Zaria told us.“ I enjoy the caring aspects of my new role, knowing that I am making a positive contribution to the patients care while they are in hospital.”

The cadetship also provides an opportunity for lower paid workers to move into new careers and earn a better wage, as was the case for Atafasia Konelio. She was employed as a cleaner at Auckland DHB and wanted a fresh challenge. “Completing the cadetship made a big difference in my life style and an opportunity to complete a goal that I had been dreaming of for a long time,” says Atafasia. “I like what I am doing now as a Health Care Assistant, because I love to help and support older people. And I can now earn a better wage! ”

The A+ Trust is proud of the way we have been able to provide deserving candidates with a stepping-stone to a rewarding health career.