The hallmark of a great hospital is having a research programme of excellence. The A+ Trust is a major supporter of research at the ADHB – investing and supporting over 1100 active projects devised and initiated by our highly specialised teams. ADHB’s focus on patients together with a culture of research and innovation is helping reshape healthcare for our patients to ensure that they receive the best care possible.

Helping the Auckland District Health Board with breakthrough Research

A+ Trust provides support with funding for breakthrough research.

Donations help us to achieve medical breakthroughs

 It is through the generation and testing of new ideas that ADHB can continue to achieve medical breakthroughs and provide vital evidence to maintain a high quality health service.


Help us to be world leaders in finding better treatments

ADHB researchers are ranked at the highest level internationally with several recognised centres of excellence. These include cardiology, emergency, critical care, haematology, neurology, oncology and women’s health.


Invest in medical advances for now and the future

Your valuable contribution gives access to vital equipment and technologies as well as specialist researchers. A small investment in research can add significantly to our knowledge base, reduce the cost of treating illness and disease and save lives.

"It is my hope that people visiting and viewing my works will gain strength and pleasure. I gain great comfort from the act of giving to the A+ Trust."
JOHN PAPAS, Auckland artist