how you can help raise funds

Nearly 50 people who have had treatment on ward 62 have offered to be volunteer fundraisers in their
communities. Having personally experienced life in ward 62 firsthand, they understand the life-changing
benefits that the new ward will bring. However their efforts won’t make the goal alone – we need your help!


Great fundraising ideas
  • Host a morning or afternoon tea and invite friends around who could make a donation
  • Challenge your colleagues to give up coffee for a week and donate their savings to the campaign
  • Hire a movie theatre, set a ticket price and invite friends to come and watch the movie – throw in some refreshments for good measure (promotion through Facebook works a treat)
  • In lieu of birthday presents, suggest that rather than giving a gift they give a donation to the A+ Trust
  • Create a challenge for yourself – run a half marathon or bike around a lake and get friends to sponsor you for each kilometre as you run or ride to raise funds for the A+ Trust. To facilitate this we have set up the ‘Give a little’ platform, tell people about it, and enable friends to support you by donating on

"It is my hope that people visiting and viewing my works will gain strength and pleasure. I gain great comfort from the act of giving to the A+ Trust."
JOHN PAPAS, Auckland artist