If you are celebrating a special birthday, wedding or anniversary with your family and friends, have you thought about asking friends to support the A+ Trust in lieu of traditional gifts?


It is a gift that keeps on giving

Your celebration will make a powerful difference to the lives of other New Zealanders and it will enable us to continue our work.

It is also a great way to mark a special birthday in a personal and worthwhile way. The family of Dr Laurie Reynolds, a physician and cardiologist at Green Lane Hospital from 1950 -1978, donated a painting to the Clinical Education Centre at the Auckland District Health Board, in commemoration of Dr Reynolds’ 90th birthday.

“We thought that beautifying and adding interest to the intellectual and professional environment of the organisation in which Dad had contributed so much of his efforts over the years would be a very suitable way of honouring his 90th birthday.”

Dr Roger Reynolds, on behalf of family and friends of Dr Laurie Reynolds


Make a lasting contribution at your next celebration

More and more people are choosing to make a lasting contribution to a cause that is close to their heart when celebrating their next special occasion.

We’re here to help. If you have any questions about giving to the A+ Trust in celebration please contact us for further assistance.

"The wonderful care I received at Auckland Hospital made it possible for me to make my 50th and it was a great feeling knowing that my friends and family were supporting a worthwhile cause rather than giving me something I didn’t really need."