Make a bequest

It is often difficult broaching the subject of death and Wills. This is something that we naturally avoid talking about, sometimes even thinking about but to protect ourselves and our families it is something we all must do.

It is recommended that Wills are updated every seven years. Regularly updating a Will ensures appropriate provision has been made for surviving family and special people in our lives. It also provides the opportunity to give to the causes we believe in – organisations like the A+ Trust, which relies very much on bequests to do its work.

How to leave a legacy

Leaving a legacy of hope is one of the greatest gifts you can make. Listen to how you can leave bequest so that your legacy can continue after you have passed away.

Previous bequests

In years past, the A+ Trust has received many bequests which have been used to fund a variety of things such as:
• Funding research in radiation, oncology, leukemia and rheumatology.
• Providing support for older people with hearing or sight problems including hearing devices for use on inpatient wards.
• Purchasing equipment to assist with renal dialysis.
• Funding blindness research initiatives at the hospital and purchasing suitable medical equipment for the Eye Department.
• Providing facilities and recreational amenities or comforts for staff and patients.
• Purchasing medical or surgical equipment for the hospital.

Any bequest received by the Trust – whether it is money, assets or investments is regarded as a very generous and special gift and is used very wisely.

By remembering the A+ Trust in your Will you are making a powerful impact on people’s lives for many years to come. Your gift will help the Trust support a number of vital projects and ensure patients receive the best care every day.


Options to give

When it comes to making provision for the A+ Trust, there are a number of options from which to choose:
1. A specific amount of money: This can be any level of a cash donation.
2. A specific item: This can be shares, bonds or a specific asset.
3. A residuary gift: A great way to help is to leave the remainder of your estate after you have provided for your family and friends and other expenses have been taken care of. This type of gift keeps up with inflation and is also simple to add to an existing Will.


Adding a codicil to an existing will is easy

If you would like to add a bequest to your existing Will – this can be easily arranged by including a codicil. When preparing or amending your Will it is important that you seek legal advice to make sure it is a legally binding document.

Our recommended wording to leave a gift to the A+ Trust in your Will is:

“I give and bequeath to the Auckland District Health Board Charitable Trust (A+ Trust) [% of my estate, or the residue of my estate, or sum of money, or description of property or assets] to be used where most needed. The official receipt of the A+ Trust will be sufficient discharge to my Executors/Trustees.”

If you would like to view a Codicil form click here>


Key information for your lawyer

If you are considering leaving a gift in your Will to the A+ Trust, you will need the following information when you speak to your solicitor:
Legal Charity Name: Auckland District Health Board Charitable Trust (A+ Trust)
Charities Commission Number: CC29485.
Postal Address: Private Bag 92024, AUCKLAND, 1023


What are the steps to take to leave a bequest to the A+ Trust?

The steps to take to remember the A+ Trust in your Will:
1. Tell your family and legal advisor of your wishes.
2. Seek professional legal help to ensure correct wording in your gift intentions. Also it ensures validity of the Will.
3. Choose the option for giving that you would prefer.
4. Specify how you would like your Bequest to be used by the A+ Trust if you have a preference (i.e. scholarships, research, capital works or where most needed).
5. Make sure you have your codicil or written intentions witnessed and signed.
6. Inform the A+ Trust that you have made this provision.

Thank you so very much for considering leaving a legacy for the A+ Trust in your Will.

"It is my hope that people visiting and viewing my works will gain strength and pleasure. I gain great comfort from the act of giving to the A+ Trust."
JOHN PAPAS, Auckland artist