Inaugural Make-a-will-week a big success

The initial Make-a-Will week that was held in June this year, has been heralded a great success and we are grateful for the encouragement received from many supporters. The A+ Trust teamed up with the Public Trust to run a week of information and presentations to help people navigate the issues associated with updating a Will or actually writing a new Will. It was the culmination of several weeks of pre-promotion around Auckland DHB.

More than 100 people made contact at either the information booth or by attending one of the several seminars that were provided free of charge by Public Trust.

“We were delighted to provide this service to staff and friends” said A+ Trust Chairman Dr Richard Frith. “It was concerning to hear that as many as a third of all New Zealanders don’t have a valid Will and as many as 10% actually die without a Will. The reason often given is that people just don’t get around to doing it. That is why we wanted to provide this opportunity while promoting the work of the Trust.”

It was interesting to note some of the comments and conversations that took place during Make-a-Will week. One of the Public Trust presenters commented that there is still a lot of misunderstanding regarding estate planning. “One person said to me that I don’t need a Will because it will all just automatically go to my wife”, which of course is incorrect.

Other comments included “I’m too young to need a Will”, “No I don’t want to have anything to do with death and Wills” (a young pregnant mum with a toddler) and “Oh yes, I’ve been meaning to do this for some time.”

In addition to providing the service for people to write a Will or update a Will, another goal of the week was to promote the A+Trust and let people know of the wonderful work it does both with funding research, scholarships and buying key equipment such as training mannequins. The plan is to repeat the week in June 2018 and have a week of activity at both Auckland DHB and Greenlane, and make it an annual event.