Meet Satish Narayan

Satish Narayan and his wife came to New Zealand from Fiji around the time of the coup in 2002. They wanted to provide a better future for their children and have now been in New Zealand for over 16 years.

Satish works as a caregiver for people with special needs and has been a supporter of A+ Trust for almost 10 years. “Regardless of culture or race, vulnerable people need our help” Satish told us when we asked him why he had chosen to become a supporter in 2009. “Sickness comes to most people and it is up to us to do what we can to help people out. I believe that whatever we earn a percentage should go to a charity and to those who need our assistance. That is the reason I support the A+ Trust”.

Satish experienced first hand the medical facilities at Auckland City Hospital in 2007 when he had a severe blockage in his heart. He says this would have left him at death’s door if it weren’t for the wonderful staff at the hospital. He was transferred from another hospital to Auckland City Hospital under emergency conditions where he was operated on and his life was literally saved. Satish spent 3 days in the hospital after his operation and he said that the service provided by the staff and the doctors was immense and very impressive.

“Once I had recovered from the wounds and was in good health, my wife and I decided to contribute towards A+ Trust so that more trained people and facilities could be available to others in the hospital and that those vulnerable people could be given the best treatment” he said.

“This has had an impact on my life and impels me and my wife to contribute towards this worthy organisation. God bless those who work for this organisation and also those who are in the forefront in supporting the A+ Trust”.

One of the prime motivators for Satish’s thoughtfulness is his strong belief that before we die we need to be able to look back and know that what we have done in this world has made a difference and will help make it a better place.