Would you like to help us save lives ?

We need to purchase another SIM MAN. Would you like to contribute?

The SIM MAN is an invaluable training resource that allows all medical staff to practice real life-threatening scenarios and be ready to save lives in emergency situations. But a SIM MAN is an expensive item costing approximately $125,000 each

Dr Mike Gillham is an Anaesthetist in the Cardio Vascular Intensive Care Unit. He recently said
“Having mannequins available within Auckland DHB enables in situ situations where staff can practice a scenario in the place where they actually work with their real life teams to develop specific skills. They have the opportunity to debrief and learn from the experience when things in the simulation training do not go to plan. With the current simulation training they practice in the same environment as the patient and it feels real”

Would you like to help save lives? Would you like to help facilitate the ongoing training of our clinical teams so that in an emergency situation they are experienced in saving lives?

Your donation of $25, $250, $2500, or $25,000 will make a difference and help provide a new SIM MAN for Auckland DHB.

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